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Dominic Guglielmi is widely considered one of the most prolific and knowledgeable collectors of Blanton’s bourbon. He has amassed a nearly unrivaled collection of known Blanton’s releases, including all know  rare and limited bottles that have been produced. He has worked to document the brand’s history through his website,


Throughout his collecting journey, Guglielmi noticed that nobody had properly told the story of Blanton's bourbon. Bloggers, authors, and YouTubers consistently repeated the same stories about the brand, often with erroneous details. In 2021 Guglielmi began the journey to set the record straight. Over the next two years he poured himself into researching and documenting the now-iconic Blanton's brand, and Warehouse H: The Story of Blanton's Bourbon, America's Most Influential Whiskey was born. It was an adventure that took him around the world literally and virtually in his quest to document the brand's history and impact on the present-day bourbon boom.


Guglielmi’s interest in the whiskey doesn’t stop at rare Blanton’s collecting. It starts there.

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Visiting with Freddie Johnson at Buffalo Trace in early 2023.

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